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Since seeing the channel four programme on Thursday 13th September 2007 I am vowing to take action and get support to help the Bulgarian orphanages because the suffering that those children go through is unimaginable.

I have never watched something so upsetting and disturbing. The kids get thrown in there cots and they stay there all day and night until they get fed hard dirty porridge and it's shoved down there throat. The kids rock to and throw just to get a bit of stimulation to the brain, the women who take care of the children weigh 18 stone and the kids bones are jutting out every where so where do the women get their food and why isn't it shared?

To help out please go to other sites searching : Bulgaria's forgotten children and my personal site trying to end this barbaric horror www.bebo.com/bulgariasforgotten

What ever happened to human rights?

Please sign this petition to end the abuse that Bulgarian children face in orphanages everyday.

I will be sending this to the Bulgarian government.

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