#Children's Rights

Abortion. It is a cruel thing to do. Why? Because ever TWENTY TWO seconds a child, a child with no say whatsoever, is killed. Murdered. Murder in the first degree. Every thing about this just irks me. It is grossly unjust.

It is so wrong to MURDER a child, not a choice. I am pro-life, obviously, but I would BEG anyone not to go for abortion. I just don't see a justifiable reason to kill this tiny person who has no say in whether she should be able to breathe her first breath, see her first sight, hear her first sound. It is grossly unjust.

Plus, there are millions of infertile couples who cannot have children. Every aborted child is the hammer on some poor unfortunate couples heart. Mind you I am only fifteen, with no children, but I will someday, and when that day comes, no one and no thing could make me want an abortion.

Plus it seems funny to me how all these people who are Pro-​Life/​Abortion,​ are already born. They've seen their first sight, breathed their first breaths, heard their first sounds. I don't know about you, but I could NEVER take that from someone.

So sign this, you may save A LOT of lives.

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