#Children's Rights

TV presenter Abdo El-Helou along with his colleague Nathalie Issa proved to be an unethical journalists throughout the past days, as they violated through their show main human rights especially children rights.

Parts of their show were extensively widespread in the Lebanese community and among main activists.

El-Helou's statements were indeed outrageous & disrespectful.

It evidently shows that El-Helou lacks the basic skills to be an ethical journalist who respects the basic requirements of the field.

While the primary and highest obligation of an ethical/professional journalist is to serve the public with accuracy and fairness, El-Helou went out on air, in front on a wide and diverse audience, and uttered clearly and uncontrollably pedophilic and sexist content.

We, the undersigned, hereby call the ministry of information along with the concerned judicial authorities to take the following actions immediately:
- Stop Abdo El-Helou from going on air and consequently stop his nonsensical show.
- Force Abdo El-Helou to seek immediate psychological assistant as his behaviour has been extremely critical as shown in the numerous spread videos.
- Stop Nathalie Issa from going on air.
- Ask OTV channel for an immediate apology.

Journalism in Lebanon reached a very low state. It is unacceptable for this pathetic content to be displayed.

Finally, human rights, including children's rights as well as women's rights, must be sacred, and not a joke that one can share proudly without being held accountable.




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