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Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea
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Plans for the proposed redevelopment of the Kensington Leisure Centre (KLC) have now been released by the RBKC and Studio E Architects (available to be viewed at the above URL). Currently in a formal review period, these plans will be presented to the Council’s Cabinet in December for a final decision as to whether the project will proceed.

While many residents and KLC users welcome the thought of a new and improved leisure centre, there remain many unanswered questions as to what facilities we can actually expect. Available drawings are high level and the interim report (see http://tiny.cc/bse0x) is vague.

What has clearly been stated however is a 25% reduction in the length of the main swimming pool from 33 to 25 metres.

No clear reason has been given as to why and how this decision was made. We, consider this to be a significant mistake for the following reasons:

• There are currently only three 'large' public indoor swimming pools left in West London [Richmond (33m); Ealing (50m)]. All other swimming pools are 25m or shorter. Our pool is unique and should remain that way.

• “Larger’ pools are more flexible than smaller pools as they can be subdivided in many different ways or used at full length. A 50m pool can become a 25m pool but a 25m pool can never become a 50m pool.

• We do not support a lengthy and expensive redevelopment that leaves local swimmers worse not better off.

• Swimming longer distances builds greater aerobic capacity and therefore delivers greater health benefits.

• As London prepares for the 2012 Olympics, we believe that RBKC should be more not less aspirational for our local facilities. Why has the UK only won 2 Olympic Gold swimming medals in the last 35 years?

We believe that a new flagship 33m (or longer) swimming pool would be something for local residents to be proud of and would be a strong signal to our children and local young people that fitness and professional/ competitive sports can truly play a part in their lives.

Please sign this petition before the decisions are made that will affect our local community for generations to come.

We, the undersigned, request that the RBKC and Studio E architects reverse their plans to reduce the length of our local swimming pool:

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