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Statistics on cell phone deaths - http://www.ok.gov/ohso/In_the_News/Cell-phone-related_crashes_soaring,_highway_data_show_Tulsa_World_Jan_09_2007.html

2600 related cell phone deaths - http://www.ncsl.org/programs/transportation/cellphoneupdate05.htm

Stiffer Fines for Cell Phone Use While Driving

We, the undersigned, citizens of the United States of America feel the need to draw further attention to improper cell phone use while driving and the lack of adequate fines for violators.

Intentional, distracted drivers increase the rate of fatal car accidents at an immeasurable level that may rival or surpass that of drunk driving.

Legislation implementing stiffer fines to the effect that the violator be banned from owning a cell phone for up to a year or minimum fines of $1000 or more and making a 3 strike rule to ban violators from owning a cell phone for life.

Since hands free options are available and inexpensive the simple fact remains that people everywhere are choosing to ignore the law or obtain a hands free device.

This is only compounded by distracted drivers on the phone making hand gestures and frequently removing both hands from the wheel because of the engagement in a phone call.

Therefore we are petitioning that a law be passed in Connecticut and potentially country wide to dramatically stiffen fines for those intentionally choose to break the law.

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