Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes and the Charlotte City Council
United States of America

With the recent allegations facing the office of the mayor of Charlotte, NC, there comes a need for honest open government and leadership.

I would like to take over the role of mayor, and use my skills and knowledge to bring the city and the position back to the glory and honor it deserves, and to represent the people and not self-serving interests.

My name is Steven John Forster. I am an extraordinary man, and I want to be your next mayor.

You may say my resume reads like a working man’s diary. I have had the awesome opportunity to have had positions such as, cook, cleaner, actor, singer, radio personality, construction worker, landscaper, manager, car washer, technology specialist and a large host of other positions. Note: My resume does not include politician. The experiences that I have had make me a stronger candidate for the office of mayor than any other candidate. I have the knowledge and skills it takes to serve the people and its great city and lead it into the future.

I feel our politicians have lost sight of what it means to be a representative of the people, and you can see that in the recent issues facing our outgoing mayor. I am just a regular guy who is fed up with the state of our political system, its cronyism and its two party ways of resolving issues and conflict, and proposing solutions. I, I am a solutions based man. I fix things. If an issue arises I make decisions based on the experiences I have had, and as you can see from above I have had many. I feel there needs to be a strong base of multiple parties, because from healthy conflict comes greater solutions and change for the better.

I find that there are so many resources available to fix our city and our country, one of the biggest, is that of our human resources. I think as a local representative, I would be the mouth of the people in our state and in our countries strive to bring back the state of the union to its former glory. I would take the time to listen to ALL members of the community, to understand better what all the people have to say and how better to implement laws, structure and stability to our great city. I want to bring in all walks into the mayor’s office to help me in my time in office to boost and raise this city into “The City” for commerce, tourism, and living.

What we need in this city is not a person who has been playing the political game their whole lives, but a person who interacts and reacts to its constituency. I am a person who knows what the common person’s needs are, and what is needed to uphold the strength of its people and its laws.

As mayor I will implement an open door policy to ALL members of the community, because that is who I would represent.

I have no problem making the tough decisions and taking accountability for my actions. If anyone were to tell you about me, they would say I am strong, confident, reliable, smart, and respectful of all persons. I strive every day to be a better person, and to be respectful of all.

Please take the time to sign this petition and let’s make a change for the better.

I am Steven John Forster and I want to be YOUR mayor.

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