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Recent findings conducted by Dr. Michael Nissenbaum, a radiologist at Northern Maine Medical Center in Fort Kent, and Dr. Albert Aniel, an internist at Rumford Hospital, who submitted valid concerns to Governor Baldacci regarding health effects they have observed in patients living within close proximity to industrial scale turbines, raise cause for concern.

The symptoms they include in their findings are: sleep problems (insomnia) and disruption of sleep patterns, headaches, dizziness, unsteadiness, nausea, exhaustion, anxiety, anger, irritability, depression, memory loss, eye problems, problems with concentration and learning, tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

As industrial wind plants proliferate closer to people’s homes and other places people regularly congregate (schools, nursing homes, places of business, etc.) these effects can be expected to become more widespread within the population.

We the People of Maine feel that there is more than enough of an adequate level of findings in consideration of the value of one's health, quality of living, devaluation of real estate, and level of monetary investment required to install turbines of this scale, to validate a state wide moratorium on industrial scale wind turbine installations.

This, together with Dr. Dora Mills' (State Health Officer) recent authorization for further investigation by a university professor of proximity effects in current turbine locations, constitutes a reasonable and well-grounded basis for a state wide hold on Industrial scale wind turbine installations.

Industrial scale development of this scope currently lacks proper historical and scientific data required to make informed and educated decisions to insure the safety and well-being of all Maine citizens and threatens to undermine their Constitutional rights.

We respectfully request this acknowledgment from the Maine State Government.

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