Chancellor at Southern University at Shreveport, Govenor of Louisiana and Mayor of Shreveport
United States of America

We the students of Southern University at Shreveport in Louisiana call upon the State of Louisiana State and it's representatives to intervene on our behalf.

We are against how Southern University School of Nursing is using the HESI (Health Education System, Inc.) Exit examination to hold our Nursing Degree. We are not allowed to receive our nursing degree due to the fact that we did not score a 900 on the HESI exit examination.

We have passed other requirements in our class curriculum but are receiving failing grades in the course because of this examination. With a failing grade we are unable to further pursue our education at another University if we desire.

Some students at our university received scores very close to the 900 required score (899, 897, 894, etc.) and are still being denied their opportunity. Allegations have been made accusing the nursing school faculty of premeditated fraudulent activity.

Some students received study material that ensured passing of classroom exams and additional percentage points were given to whom they chose especially the students who passed the HESI exam with the above 900 score to assist these students to pass the academic portion of the course so they could graduate.

This petition has been drafted to help prevent further injustice of the Nursing Program at Southern University at Shreveport. Southern University has implemented an Exit Exam called HESI (Health Education System Inc.) only as an obstacle to prevent students from sitting for the NCLEX examination.

This strategy shows only one design and that is only to give an artificially inflated pass rate for the school, which indicates that Southern Universtiy at Shreveport lacks concern for the success of it's students, but is only concerned in protecting it's passage rate. We are not arguing the importance of appropriate and relevant testing, and agree that standardized testing is important but it should not be used to deny students who have successfully completed the academic portion of the program the opportunity to graduate and to receive authorization to sit for state boards.

Southern University is the ONLY institute that uses the exam in this format. The HESI Exam is NOT a competency exam. Only the NCLEX RN is the nationally recognized competency exam. This is not the first time this has happened but it is the first time the nursing school has been exposed. Please help!!!!

We the nursing students at Southern University at Shreveport, are calling on the City Colleges of Shreveport Louisiana, the City of Shreveport, the State of Louisiana, United States of America, and other organizations for support to change the Academic Policy of Southern University at Shreveports Nursing Program.

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