#Animal Rights
The Mayor, Brooklyn Park, Maryland
United States of America

Hello my name is Helen I'm am here today trying to start a dog park in my neighborhood.

Many people today have dogs, Most of them do not get the proper exercise because of the small back yards people have. But a place to run is one of the best things a dog can have.

Community Benefits for a dog park:

Socializes and Exercises Dogs in a safe environment

Promotes responsible pet ownership

Provides Elderly and disable owners with an accessible place to exercise there companions

Enables dogs to legally run off leash

Promotes Public health and Safety

Provides a tool for realistic enforcement of dog control laws.

See in our neighborhood there is this field at the end of the street it is there for no reason they have had house there one time but the they were torn down cause of the flood level now it is just a field there where all the people go just to hang with there friends I think it would be a great idea to turn that empty space into a dog park so all the pet in the area can come and play and people and there pets can socialize with each other.......

The closes dog park to us is about 30-60 mins away depending on traffic that's why our dogs are not that well socialized cause there is no where near us so they can but I am hoping to change that.

I'm am Starting a petition and i would like to reach a 5000 goal for signatures.

Support a Dog Park In Brooklyn Park Md.

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