Monterey County- State of California
United States of America

Due to the lack of funding in our public schools when it comes to Drivers training, we in Monterey Co. Recently experienced the loss of 2 young females and in a separate accident 5 teenagers were injured causing one to be paralyzed due to lack of knowledge and good decision making while driving.

The Start Smart Program is offered through your CHP office and we feel that by making it mandatory for all youth drivers to take prior to getting their license, the course would increase knowledge making our Youth Drivers more aware of how important Safe Driving is and what exactly happens when poor decisions are made.

We the residents of Monterey County and of the State of California Call Representative Bill Monning and Congress to pass a Bill requiring that ALL Youth drivers MUST attend the "Start Smart " program offered through the California Highway Patrol Office prior to obtaining their license. The Start Smart program is a driver awareness program already in place offered by the CHP.

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