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In 1999 Australia legislated that all mines, when completed, must be rehabilitated. Millions of dollars in bonds is held by State Governments to ensure this rehabilitation has been completed. The rehabilitation is supervised and checked by environmental scientists who ensure all animal life and vegetation has been successfully reintroduced. It is the law! No successful rehabilitation equals no refund.

Queensland has the cleanest coal and the world wants it and we need it. After South Australia’s 2017 blackouts, our country is not ready to transfer to renewables – the technology is still in its infancy. Imagine a major capital city hospital power being run on solar.

Australia needs Adani.

Australia practises strict environmental rehabilitation procedures. Rehabilitating mine sites was legislated federally in 1999. Queensland has the world’s cleanest coal and world-class mining technology and methods. As well, the Government has introduced compulsory monetary security for post mining rehabilitation.

While renewable energy is still in its infancy, coupled with the recent power failures in South Australia and power prices becoming unaffordable for many, it is abundantly clear the Adani Carmichael mine is critical for Queensland’s and indeed Australia’s prosperity and future.

This mine is vital to ensure Queensland remains universally competitive while providing this great State with affordable, reliable energy.

We, the undersigned, call on the Queensland and Australian Governments to urgently provide the necessary approvals for the Adani Carmichael Coal Mine to proceed.

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