Star Plus Channel & SOL Production House

This is to bring to the highlight to the concerned members of Star TV & SOL Production house, a highly careless way of handling the removal of popular Indian TV stars Sanaya Irani & Mohit Sehgal as hosts of the reality dance show Zara Nach Ke Dikha Season 2

We would like to bring to the kind attention of STAR PLUS Channel & SOL Production house , a careless act from their end which has hurt the sentiments of the fans of Mohit Sehgal & Sanaya Irani.

We are extremely disappointed that the channel and the production house made two talented actors as scape goats for their lame excuses of changing the host. If the prod house felt they were not good, how come they didn't realize it during the screen test time.

We are glad that our favorites are out of the show coz we wud not want them to be part of a show where genuine talent and crackling boy-girl chemistry, which our favorites brought in loads could not be recognized. I wud have given the prod house credibility in their decision making process, had they waited for few more episodes to remove them hastily n tagging it now in d name of not so good hosting

It was clearly a cheap tactic on the part of production house to lure fans into viewing the show initially and later on labeling the same couple as not being good enough. We don't mind their ousting coz that's channel & prod house's independent decision and frankly its their loss but we are clearly disgusted with such a popular production hosue n channel handling this issue with the sensitivity of zilch order. We as fans of Mohit & Sanaya are terribly hurt by the acerbic comments passed by unknown sources claimed to be part of production house which are a mere speculation coz its very plain for the world....i mean a not so blind world to see how amazing they were in May 2nd epi which was their last.

We are all aware that pair had to back off due to their tight schedules and commitment to another show but this gives the production house no rights to belittle the efforts of such talented actors and the production house better not deny the same coz unless they were talented and popular they would not have approached and pressurized them into signing the same in the first place.

We demand an apology for the article published in Telly buzz about the lack of repertoire of the talented duo in question here. We expect the production house and channel to have enough sensitivity to appease sentiments of millions of fans across the globe, which they have walked over easily without any care, if they don't wish any negative publicity for their show.

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