#Consumer Affairs
Sainsbury's PLC
United Kingdom

The Sainsbury's Local on Stanstead Road, Forest Hill is advertised as being open 24 hours. The store is well noted locally for closing between 10:30 and 11pm without any display or warning. The store also has a habit of restocking at peak hours making it difficult to get to the shelves.

Also, the staff have an infuriating habit of ignoring the customer at the front of the queue to call forward anyone paying for only petrol. This is made even more annoying as there is often only 2 tills open (one of these being almost exclusively for petrol).

We, the undersigned, demand that Sainsbury's PLC take action to:

1) Either:
a) Ensure that the store remains open 24 hours and restocks during quiet times (such as 2-4am), or

b) Removes the 24 hour signs and displays accurate opening hours, restocking after closing.

2) Ensures that the staff has adequate customer service training, and that they serve customers in the order that they have queued.

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