President Donald J. Trump
United States of America


The Coronavirus outbreak has inevitably changed our lives. People around the globe are in pandemic.
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials knew in early December that a new virus had appeared in Wuhan, but they sat on the information for six weeks.
On top of the coverup, CCP utilizes this pandemic for its global dominating ambition by hoarding medical supplies and holding Americans as hostage. They are getting ready to buy American businesses since they are anticipating that our economy will crash. Unfortunately, this seriousness of situation is not sufficiently called out, while confusion is everywhere, and we are blaming each other. There is also a big disinformation campaign by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leveraging their allies in our media and in our institutions.
Meanwhile, questions about the origin of the virus have gone unanswered, and the CCP has thrown out wild charges that the United States is somehow responsible.
The CCP must be held responsible for its dangerous coverup and putting the rest of the world at risk.

We, the undersigned, call on President Donald J. Trump to Hold the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) responsible for disinformation about the Coronavirus outbreak and putting lives around the world at risk.

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The Stand up to coronavirus and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) petition to President Donald J. Trump was written by Yan Lieser and is in the category Justice at GoPetition.