Prime Minister of Canada

"We stood up for you and Canada, Now please stand-up for us."

The Government, Senior Bureaucrats and Management of Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) continue to misinform and mislead Canadians and Veterans. The promises made to provide better, quicker and easier access to services and benefits are not being kept. Many Veterans continue to be disenfranchised and excluded from 'care and treatment' for their physical, emotional and psychological wounds. The attitude in VAC continues to be deny, refuse and then justify 'red tape' decisions.

We as Veterans sorely need your help. You are not being asked to place yourself in harms way or to give up anything, or donate anything extra, as you already provide the means through your taxes to help these brave men and women. You are only being asked to give a little of your time and effort to Stand-up for your Veterans. To Stand-up for fellow Canadians who put forth so much effort on your behalf to represent Canadian ideals and values around the globe. The ideals of standing-up for those who could not stand for themselves, fighting for those who could not fight for themselves, protecting the weak, the feeble and the marginalized of our world, whether here at home or abroad.

"Could you please take a moment of your day and give notice to the Government of Canada that you are not satisfied with how your Veterans are being taken care of. That you wish to see an independent 'Royal Commission' established to look into how your Veterans are being treated by Veterans Affairs Canada. And tell the Government they need to fix this issue now! We need your help."

A Veteran

Canadian Veterans are not being treated with the respect and fairness you and others within your government so ardently promised.

There have been no real changes within Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) as has been promised since your government took power. Many Veterans and their families continue to be disenfranchised and excluded from pensions and 'care & treatment' for the physical, emotional and psychological wounds they received in the service of Canada. This sad state of affairs has been ongoing not just for years, but for decades.

Veterans have been the target of unethical bureaucratic tactics and bullying, particularly if they refuse to accept unfair decisions and policies by VAC inclusive of actions that border on amoral conduct. VAC Senior Bureaucrats and Managers have attempted to convince all that it is a simple communications problem, in that Veterans do not understand the system, rules and policies. That is untrue, as Veterans fully understand, they just do not agree with the policies, procedures and rules that are consistently used as an excuse to deny benefits and pensions.

In fact the only communication problem is that VAC and the Government of Canada continue to refuse to listen to the Veterans, their families or Canadians, who have made it abundantly clear that they wish their Veterans treated better than has been done in the past. It is now time to ensure that Veterans get a bonafide opportunity to relate their stories and to get fair legal representation in investigating what has been occuring within Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) in respect of the provision of pensions and benefits.

Frankly, the convening of a sub-committee of the Senate Defence Committee to hear Military Service Member's and Veteran's testimony is not addressing the problem. The courageous men and women who have risked body and life for this country deserve a platform where their voices and concerns can truely be heard and where the Senior Bureacrats and Management of VAC will be required to come forth and explain their policies and decisions for all Canadians to hear. If any group within Canada deserves this it is surely the Veterans, who have earned this right through their endevours and sacrifices, on behalf of all Canadians and in the name of this great country.

It is requested that you convene a constituted 'Royal Commission on Veteran Affairs and Issues' at which proper recognized counsel will be appointed and reimbursed on behalf of Canadian Veterans, and that said Commission will be authorized to fully investigate the treatment, problems, issues etc. that Veterans and their families have faced over the decades and continue to face to this day. Further, that the said Commission will make recommendations for action by the Government of Canada to ensure Veteran's issues and problems will be addressed and resolved to the satisfaction of all Canadians.

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