Major Hip-Hop Recording Labels
United States of America

May 11, 2006

Throughout the history of Hip Hop, there has been much violence, and it's been used as a marketing tool to sell records. We need to Squash the Beef between MC's, MC's and Law Enforcement, and the many altercations in our streets.

Many of the Hip Hop artists involved in these beefs do so at the urging of record labels. They rely on the philosophy that the bigger the beef, the better the sales. Sadly, it's our children that are buying these records and are being lead to believe that this is how you handle a dispute.

Beefs have been a part of Hip Hop since the beginning as a way to prove one's skill and worth on the mic. However, the beefs today have evolved into violence, mayhem, and murder.

It's got to stop now before more lives are lost.

I agree that the recording industry needs to stop exploiting its artists and focus on the artists talents to sell records, not their disagreements with others. I agree to set aside my differences with others and do my best to keep peace in my community.

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