Certified Farmers Market
United States of America

Areas of low economic status aren't given the opportunity to buy organic foods which are of better quality as compared to areas of middle and upper socio economic status in which they can get organic food delivered to their door.

The city of Santa Monica offers much more farmers market. Most of which have a large variety and close down streets for. Unlike farmers markets in the low socio economic areas that go without notice and take place in a small parking lot.

Health is essential to one's life. Without your health, you can't do the things you love. Everyone should have the opportunity to a healthy life, regardless of their economic status.

We, the undersigned, believe it is a necessity to have more farmers' markets in the low socio economic areas in order to promote a more healthier society.

This way every one is given the opportunity to eat healthy.

We need more farmers' markets just like the one's in Santa Monica. Be kind and spread the good stuff.

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