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Many countries such as Canada and Norway "enjoy" killing seals as a sport.

In Canada, the season for the commercial hunt of harp seal is from November 15 to May 15.[5] The majority of sealing, however, occurs in late March in The Gulf of St. Lawrence, and during the first or second week of April off Newfoundland, in an area known as "The Front". This peak spring period is generally what is referred to as the "Canadian Seal Hunt".[6]

In 2006, the St. Lawrence seal hunt officially started on March 25. This date was initially uncertain, due to thin ice conditions caused by the year's milder temperatures.

In 2003, the three-year harp seal quota granted by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans was increased to a maximum of 975,000 animals, with a maximum of 350,000 animals in any two consecutive years.[5] In 2006, 325,000 harp seals, as well as 10,000 hooded seals and 10,400 grey seals will be killed. An additional 10,000 animals are allocated for hunting by Aboriginal peoples.

The Canadian seal hunt is monitored by the Canadian government and animal rights groups. However, although approximately 70% of Canadian seals killed are killed on "The Front",[6] the vast majority of private monitors focus on the St. Lawrence hunt, due to its more convenient location.[7]

How would you like it to be hit in the head with a sharp hook or perhaps a pickaxe.. but that is what the people in Norway and Canada and other countries are doing. They enjoy killing baby seals. They have no remorse what so ever. And they call it a sport... it's pathetic.

Men have crossed the line, they have invaded nature. Would it hurt to just LEAVE what is left of nature alone?!

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