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To whom it may concern.

I have just lodged a query with Auckland transport regarding the safety of our Mahurangi college kids who walk home from the bus stop along ahuroa rd.

My concern is that the speed limit of 80km or 100km (I think the speed limit varies between these two speeds) an hour is not safe for cars to travel at along a thin gravel road with children attempting to walk home and cross the road safely. My other concern is the dust stirred up that the children are breathing in.

The in zone children attending Mahurangi college are dropped of by the allocated school bus at the corner of Ahuroa Valley rd and left to get themselves home. I have been told the reason for this is that there is no where safe for the bus to turn around further down the road. Around 6 to 12 children between the ages of 10 and 17 are left here and have no option but to walk home. This is very unsafe due to the volume of traffic and the speed at which the traffic travels and the thin road in poor repair which the children are forced to walk along.

My other son lives in zone for and attends Ahuroa Primary myself and many other parents do not allow our children to use the school bus as it is unsafe for these children aged 5- 12 to cross the road after the bus drops them of. The reason it is unsafe is the highspeed limit and the windy road means motorists do not have the ability to see the children and slow down in time not to hit them.

I am well aware that Ahuroa rd is scheduled to be sealed. I am very grateful for this however my concern is that a child could be seriously injured or killed in the next 12 to 18monthes before the work even begins.

Potential other road users affected by the above issues are as listed.

Dog walkers
Horse riders

please add your name or forward this on to any parents if you would like as they said the more people complain the more chance we have of getting a solution

Thank you Ruth Clapp
Finley Clapp (Mahurangi College )and Charlie Clapps(Ahuroa Primary


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