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Road and Traffic Sadety, West Berkshire Council.
United Kingdom

There is a serious problem with speeding and dangerous driving around Forest Edge housing estate in Hermitage, Thatcham. There has been many angry rants on the Hermitage facebook page after people have been nearly hit or hurt by road users around the estate. I myself have put a angry post on the page. I will explain my experiances, I have had numerous cars nearly hit me head on around the blind bends on the estate who were going too fast, also I nearly got hi by a man driving on the wrong side of the road. The worst case was that a lady nearly hit me coming round a bend that I reacted and put my car up the curb and over the path to narrowly avoid being hit by the lady driving way too fast. Thankfully there was no pedrestrian on the path. There are numerous children on the estate who play on the roads as children do and animals walking around as well as wild dear in the forest alongside the estate that do come out at night and are by and on the roads sometimes. It is only a matter of time before someone gets seriosuly hurt or worse.

Speed control around Forest Edge Estate, Hermitage, Thatcham. After many residents concerns about the speeding around the estate we need to come together to get ramps installed and the speed limit changed around Forest Edge Estate. Lets get together as a loving community for the safety of ouselves, our children and the local wildlife and pets.

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