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Milwaukee Public School Board
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Brown Street Academy is located on 20th street on the west side of Johnson's Park. The school sits between brown street and Garfield ave. 20th street is a two- way street where traffic is speeding both ways everyday.

Parents and school buses uses that street to pick up children and drop off children at school. There is a sign that says 20mph and there are school pedestrian signs there but drivers are not paying attention or they don't want to.

When you are in a school zone they must and should slow down even if there are no children present at the time. When children are present they are still speeding. People side mirrors have been hit as well because of the speeding on 20th street.

We want our children safe at all time coming and going to school.

We, the people, parents and community of Brown Street Academy call on Milwaukee Public Schools to install speed bumps in front of Brown Street Academy located on 2029 nth 20th street to eliminate speeding in front of the building.

The speeding on 20th street is a hazard to our community and we want our children to be safe coming and going to and from school.

People we need you to slow down! Protect our children from an accident waiting to happen!

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