#Residential Disputes
City Of Oceanside
United States of America

Over the last 9 years of living in Murray Mission Association in Oceanside, CA and continuous fighting with our HOA regarding speed bumps through our neighborhood has gone nowhere.

I am a mother of two active boys who enjoy playing outside on their bikes with their friends. I am a nervous wreck everyday standing out side watching my kids play as people race up and down Manzanita dr with running the stop sign. I live in a cul-de-sac at the stop sign and have seen 1 car accident where a boy hit a pregnant woman in her car.

I almost get rear ended every-time I stop at the stop sign, because no one stops and they expect you to not stop as well. My fear is that a child is going to get hit by a car crossing at the stop sign.

I ask of you to sign this petition to slow our neighborhood down and save a child's life, speed bumps are a must for this neighborhood.

Main roads to add speed bumps to include,


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