#City & Town Planning
Elkins, AR
United States of America

Walnut Place is a community street ending in a dead end. There are numerous families with children residing on this street. As a result, there are just about always children playing outside, riding bikes and scooters, and traveling to friends houses.

Since the city failed to see fit to install any sidewalks, the children are forced to use the street.

There is a sign posted at the begining of Walnut Place warning drivers of children playing and Speed Limit of 20 mph. Unfortunatly, that sign is rarely abherred to. There have been numerous accounts of speeders down this road. Several accounts have even been brought to the police departments attention with no avail.

I am afraid for my childrens saftey as is other parents and residents of Walnut Place. We would like to see this problem resolved before one of us loses a child or someone gets severly hurt. This is a problem that has gone unchecked for long enough.

We, the undersigned, are respectfully asking for the istallation of speed bumps on Walnut Place to solve this problem. These are requested because of the abundance of people that continually speed down the street with children playing outside and also for the saftey of the other residents.

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