John Paul Lanbroek

Gin Gin State High School currently has the following issues:

- No safe place for distressed students to 'chill out' or regain personal control of their emotional state when they have 'meltdowns'.

- A lack of safety zones for highly autistic, intellectually impaired children.
Limited access to toileting facilities.

- Limited access to suitable areas for the teaching of the necessary personal life skills.

- Limited place for support of students doing individualized language/occupational therapy programs.

- No place to meet with parents to discuss their child's special needs.

- No staff room to have confidential discussions with SEP staff to address these needs or collaborate with other teaching staff.

When prospective parents see what is available, they realize that it is not the most suitable learning environment for their child. They then have to make decisions about what to do about their child's learning. The options faced are home schooling, transport to Bundaberg or seeking other employment and relocating to another district.

The attrition rate of students with disabilities continued attendance is concerning as many opt to stay at home due to the lack of safe facilities.

We are asking that this wheelchair accessible, secondary special education facility be provided to cater for the current and future needs of this rural community as soon as possible.

We, as members of the Gin Gin/Mt Perry communities, are requesting a standalone Special Education Building at Gin Gin State High School to cater for the needs of students with additional learning needs as the current facilities are not suitable to the needs of the students of this catchment area.

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