#Animal Welfare
Singapore Land Authority

The SLA recently posted notices banning the feeding of stray cats and dogs within the compounds of black and white houses at Changi Village, specifically, the row of black and white houses behind Block 5.

The strays have taken refuge within the compound over the years, and live happily with most of the neighbours.

We are petitioning the SLA to work with the community feeders to implement a scheme of responsible feeding instead of banning all feeding and banishing the stray cats outright (there are no stray dogs on the premises).

We cannot keep giving in to animal haters in Singapore.

We need to have a proper conversation about living in harmony with our community strays so as to reflect the highest aspirations of kindness towards animals in Singapore.

We the undersigned are petitioning the SLA to allow the community stray cats to continue taking refuge within the estate and to be fed by designated cat feeders.

We undertake to feed the cats responsibly.

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