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Over the past 2 years, Coyote Ridge residents in North Carrollton have experienced a significant increase in sound pollution stemming mainly from Hwy 121. Despite the close proximity of our community to the highway, no measures have been taken to curtail the loud noise. The noise is and has been unbearable.

Our government and NTTA are accountable for any noise pollution caused by the construction of a new highway. We expect them to take immediate steps to address this issue.

We the people of Coyote Ridge ask that a Sound Barrier be erected on the west side of SH 121 between Hebron Pkwy and Carrollton Pkwy as the noise is much too loud, harmful and detrimental to the residents of this area.

Given the close proximity of our community to the highway, we urge you to build a sizeable barrier (at least 12 foot high and all the way from Hebron Pkwy to Carrollton Pkwy ) so that we can afford to sleep without the noise pollution.

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Sound Barrier on SH 121