Parkland Fuel Corporation

Dear Westmount Chevron Customer,

About a week ago, we were notified by Parkland Fuels Corporation (Owners of Westmount Chevron) that we would have to shut down the food service part of our operation at the end of September. The hot dog stand, “Felbo’s Franks”, will have to close at the current location. Two reasons were offered:

⦁ The stand does not conform to the offerings at other Chevron branded locations in the area.

Our response:
We understand that Parkland wants uniformity in all their locations and understand the strength that a consistent offering can have in the retail sector, however we truly believe that this location is special and unique to us. The geographical area around the station makes us an “oasis in a food desert”. We are so far removed from other restaurants and food vendors that we have trouble getting a pizza delivered to our address. The size of the lot allows for plenty of parking without making congestion for our fuel customers. It also allows for a small picnic area for our patrons to enjoy their food if they have time to sit and relax.

⦁  The wiener, buns, and condiments are not approved items purchased from approved suppliers and Parkland worries about liability with product quality and preparation.

Our response:
Our supplies come primarily from Costco, but we do try to source out local vendors for our fruit and vegetable add-ons where possible. Our bun is the well-known Dempster’s brand and our wiener is the Kirkland Signature brand from Costco. This bun/wiener combo is the number one selling hot dog in North America and is a driving force for our repeat, regular customers. We believe their food quality and food inspection process to be one of the best in the industry. We have worked closely with Vancouver Coastal Health and are fully licensed to offer a 50 seat food service establishment. We have always passed our inspections regarding food storage, preparation, and handling. We keep it simple, hot dogs only and do not carry any toppings that are highly temperature sensitive in our ice wells.

Ideally, we will do whatever it takes to keep our loyal customers and are working on finding another location that is within the vicinity with the same ease of access. We hope Parkland reconsiders their decision as we would love to stay at Westmount Chevron. We realise that this will probably not be possible without a bit of help from you.

Don’t forget to give us your email as we would love to send you updates when a new location is found. Alternately please be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for updates.

Parkland needs to hear from you. Maybe your voice will be louder than ours. Please let them know if you wish us to stay and why.

If we do end up having to terminate our hot dog stand at this location at the end of September, where on the North Shore you would like to see us relocate?

Thank you for your loyalty and support over the last 32 years at the station, and the last 5 at Felbo’s Franks.

All of us at Westmount Chevron and Felbo’s Franks

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