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I think than Crash Bandicoot should be bought back to Sony.

Activision had merged in July 2008 with some company called Vivendi Games. At the beginning, the company was called Universal Interactive Studios. And at an unknown date, the company has signed a contract with Naughty Dog, the studio which has sold the rights to his franchise before it is even created. The first game from this franchise would become Crash Bandicoot.

But during the development of the game, one of the reasons why this game was coming out exclusively on PlayStation, it's because Naughty Dog wanted to create a mascot for Sony in the video game industry, while Universal owns the rights to the character.

After Naughty Dog has done with the franchise and Crash Bash was released, the deal between Sony and Universal is broken and Crash becomes multiplatform, making him the mascot for Universal, not Sony.

It is legally true, but in my opinion, NO! Crash Bandicoot is the mascot of Sony and its PlayStation range as Naughty Dog had expected ! If Naughty Dog has created Crash, it's Sony who guided him to his audience.

I think though Sony would be a better home for Crash that Activision. Sony has a much more ingenious marketing team and much more talented development studios. I mean, think about it. If Crash Bandicoot belongs to Sony, the next games will probably be produced by Mark Cerny, the producer of the original trilogy, and Naughty Dog will probably participate as creative consultant, while creating new games as they usually do.

I saw several petitions and operations conducted by fans, which consists in pushing Activision to create new projects on the franchise. I don't believe it, and this is for good reason. Activision Don't Care ! This is a company run by assholes thinking of nothing else than money. They don't need to bring back Crash. Games like Call of Duty or Skylanders are enough for them to make a max of dough. Everything you say to them about Crash, it's like talking to a wall.

So, my dear friends, listen to me. I want that Crash Bandicoot come back, and you too. If you really want, try another way. I suggest to put pressure on Sony, not Activision !

The goal is simple : Convince Sony to see than Crash deserves a prominent place in the PlayStation family, and encourage them to buy the franchise.

After you have signed the petition, we will invade social networks around Sony. Post on Facebook, tweet with the hashtag (#sonybringbackcrash), talk about it to your friends even in the real world.

We are here to bring back Crash, and in the right way!

We, the undersigned, call on Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. to buy the Crash Bandicoot franchise and making a new exclusive title, under the responsibility of a competent studio (Naughty Dog, if possible) and under the supervision of Mark Cerny.

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