Sega Corporation

I think Sonic Rush 3 would be a great idea! It is where the Boost started, and where the cool tricks were! It had great music, and great visuals for a Nintendo DS. Sonic and Blaze started up a new generation of fans, and I think many of us still want that excitement and story that Sonic Rush 1, and Sonic Rush Adventure.

I would like to introduce you the idea of a Sonic Rush 3! (This of course would be a portable exclusive) I would like to still stick with only Blaze the Cat and Sonic the Hedgehog, but add Cream as a character who follows Blaze, and add Tails as a follower character to Sonic. Marine, and Maybe even Knuckles, Silver or even shadow can be there for story purposes. Let's also add in materials and tricks of course! Imagine a world of Maybe a Sonic Rush: Eggman's Revenge!

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