Sonic the Hedgehog is an icon of platform gaming, and has a strong legion of fans, his games on the Genesis are regarded the finest in its genre. Steam is an application that delivers quick easy access to gaming at excellent prices, and Sonic would surely make an excellent addition to its library.

Fans already use various unaffiliated programs to create their own fan games, and are very popular online. But a professional level creator specifically for Sonic, would surely be extremely appealing concept to the fans, another advantage is the games possibility's become unlimited to the players imagination, the game will have no end.

Who has not dreamed of making their own Sonic game/level, character or boss? Their are also a lack of platform games on the PC, a gap that can be easily exposed. Platform games can make great casual gaming, and at present casual gaming is the fastest growing market online.

We, the undersigned and devoted fans, call on Sega to release Sonic The Hedgehogs Mega Collection, with a Level Creator, Model/Character Modifier and Online Play to Valves Steam application.

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