#Human Rights
The global free press in general and the President of the European Commission in particular

Are you against the fact that the Danish Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in collaboration with the Danish socalled “free” press and police authorities is keeping the freedom of speech hostage? Are you sick and tired of professional politicians (in Danish: levebroedspolitikere) who do as they please for their own needs (in Danish: der skalter og valter med Danmark og danskerne for egen vindings skyld)?

If your answer is yes please sign and pass on this petition to all your friends on your mailing list.

As implied the petition shall eventually be presented to the proper authorities at EU in Brussels with the request that they make use of The Treaty of Nice’s socalled “Jürg Haider Provision” (stating the terms as to how all the other member states may help an unfortunate member that has gone astray) implemented some 7 years ago upon the initiative of the Prime Minister’s predecessor, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen.

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TO: Honourable José Manuel Barroso,
President of the European Commission, The European Union.
RE: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” (Shakespeare in Hamlet).

CC: Honourable Jaap de Hoop Scheffer,
Secretary General of NATO.
RE: The Danish Prime Minister’s alleged candidature as your successor.

CC: Honourable Hassan al-Abdallat
Prosecutor General of Amman, Jordan.
RE: Your charges against the culprits in the Muhammad Cartoon Crisis.

CC: The Registrar,
The European Court of Human Rights
RE: Journal No. 16175/08, Theil against Denmark.

Your Excellency,

As is well documented, the Danish Prime Minister, Honourable Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has made himself world-famous as the ‘protector of democracy, freedom of speech and other human rights’, while at the same time he has proven his great abilities as a highly efficient ruler of a country, Denmark.

Mr. Rasmussen is, furthermore, still President Georg W. Bush’s most fierce, valued and trusted ‘War Lord’ in Afghanistan like he is still enforcing their mutual pretext for attacking and occupying Iraq.

This is the official version, and the only one released and debated by the Danish (i.e. the world’s best and freest) press for which he is also indeed the responsible Minister.

However, the true story is that he, his Government, the press and key institutions alike have been, and still are, keeping the freedom of speech hostage for the alleged purpose to inflame Danish Muslims and other minority groups to commit terrorism. This is illustrated, and to a significant extend proven, in the undersigned petitioner’s report dated March 21st 2008.

The notoriously biased Danish police and prosecution have refused to investigate this report, and the equally biased Danish press is applying self-censorship.

We, the concerned Danish people as well as the global underwriters of this petition, therefore compassionately request you, Your Excellency, to contrive that the other member states of the European Union apply the socalled “Jürg Haider Provision” in the Treaty of Nice, to bring Denmark back on to her right and ethical path.

We, citizens in NATO member states as well as in non-member states, hereby also take the opportunity to appeal to Mr. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer to endorse the investigations of Mr. Hassan al-Abdallat as it is paramount that the suspicion, to which extend the Danish Prime Minister has committed the above alleged crimes, is proven totally unjustified. After all it could lead to another world disaster if a ruthless hawk is heading the supreme military treaty organisation on the globe.

Yours Truly
Saint George Human Rights Ass. Int.
Jorgen Theil

PS: To satisfy the formalities the undersigned has filed a brief complaint with the European Court of Human Rights against Denmark because her police and prosecution have refused to investigate the above charges against the Danish Prime Minister. From previous, proven bad experiences the petitioner fears, however, that the Court shall not be unbiased. This issue thus need world wide attention and support! Therefore this petition.

and The Undersigned:

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