US Taxpayers and Citizens
United States of America

Daily we read about Presidential candidates position on health care coverage, tax breaks, rebuilding infrastructure and several issues.

Question to the American People: What are candidates, congress or the President doing to address how to pay for the financial rescue plan , national budget deficits, international and national defense?

Answer: America can rise out of the ashes by addressing the core issue that brought America to where we are today by acknowledging we must sustain our economy, our government programs - social security, defense, social services, infrastructure, education and health care, by adopting a 12% flat tax for individuals, no more allowance deductions and keeping business taxation regulation and laws intact.

We the undersigned, call on both candidates for president and elected officials in congress to enact legislation to change the IRS tax codes from a complex individual and joint income tax returns to a federal flat tax of 12% for all income types and brackets above $15,000.00. No more deductions or complex calculations.

We the undersigned, agree to uphold current corporate income tax return code and legislation as to not affect massive employment layoffs in accounting firms, law firms, IRS, etc.

These adoptions would allow the USA to fund all current government and social programs as well as pay off our national debt within 10 years and return to a balanced budget within 2 years.

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