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Yemeni Government,Human Rights organizations,UNHCR ,Donor Countries

Twenty one years and counting, Eritrea is quickly becoming one of the cruelest and repressive violator of Human rights in Africa. With widespread Tortures, murders, rapes and disappearances and forced labor of military conscripts, resulting in thousands of refugees fleeing persecutions. Eritrea is now one of the most refugee producing country in the continent of Africa.

Since regime’s crack down on innocent civilians begun soon after Eritrean independence, around 200,000 red sea afar people have fled their ancestral homeland in Dankalia to neighboring countries, Yemen, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Sudan.

Many of those young refugees end up in a hostile environment where their lives are no better than in their home country. Currently over 240 Red Sea Afar refugees are still in detention and languishing in Al-Hudeyda prison for over a year.

Their lives have become increasingly under serious threat from Agents of Eritrean Embassy in Yemen (Eritrean security attaches) and Human Traffickers . The Eritrean agents are emboldened with deteriorating security situation in Yemen and the absence of UNHCR from close contacts with refugees in Yemeni Prison.

These Eritrean agents working in collaboration with underground world of human traffickers are resolved getting their hands on these refugees to smuggle them back to Eritrea forcibly. The Traffickers cost per head said to be anywhere from 1000USD-5000$ per/refugee. These Afar Refugees lives are highly in danger and will face imminent Torture and Death in Eritrea.

We, the Undersigned, collectively call on UNHCR , Yemeni Government and Human Rights organizations for immediate intervention and save the lives of these helpless Eritrean refugees from being forcibly returned to Eritrea and appeal to UNHCR to expedite third country resettlement process.

1. RSAYL (Red Sea Afar Youth League),
2. RSADO (Red Sea Afar Democratic organization),
3. RSADO Foreign Mission,
4. RSAWA (Red Sea Afar Women association) and
5. RSALA (Red Sea Afar Eleders association)

Thank You.

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