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Mr Chowdhury Mueenuddin is a British citizen of Bangladeshi heritage who has been sentenced to death in abstentia in a politically-motivated trial in Bangladesh.


Saleem Kidwai OBE, Secretary General, Muslim Council of Wales: "I had the pleasure in working with Chowdhry Mueenuddin, he is a real gentleman, he has been an innocent victim of blind justice by a politically motivated judge and the judicial system. May Allah SWT guard him guide him and protect him from the injustices of this world and bring the perpetrators of this injustice to His jurisdiction. Our prayers are and will always be with C. Mueenuddin.

Sir Stephen O'Brien: "I have worked closely with Chowdhury in recent years in my capacity as Chair of Barts Health and also in training NHS Chaplains with him. He has become a personal friend and I am sure he is subject to great l injustice in these charges. All his friends need to be very forthright in refuting them and I do not believe he has anything to answer for."

Neil Jameson, Executive Director of Citizens UK & Lead Organiser of London Citizens

Lord Carlile: ..."this case was nothing short of farcical."

Writers on the Salaam Blog website are aghast at the verdict passed by Bangladesh’s ‘International’ Crimes Tribunal on Mr Chowdhury Mueenuddin on 2 November 2013.

We invite fellow bloggers, voluntary sector bodies and community organisers in Britain to sign this message of solidarity with Mr Mueenuddin and his family in their times of stress and distress. Mr Mueenuddin is a former journalist and has contributed to Salaam Blogs.

While he was opposed to the break up of Pakistan in 1971, Mr Mueenuddin’s activities at the time were of a political nature and unrelated to military action or atrocities at the time. He settled in Britain in 1972 and is a British citizen. He has excelled in serving the British Muslim community in a variety of roles, including working as Director of Muslim Care Provision in the NHS from 2004 to May 2013.

He was tried in abstentia and given a death sentence in a judicial process that lacked international supervision, over disputed events relating to the nation’s war of independence over forty years ago.

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