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Parties in Conflict- Government and Separatist

Since 2016 till date, two Cameroon English speaking regions (Northwest and South West Regions) have been experiencing socio-political unrest which has brought untold suffering on the population of these regions. The current crisis is a particularly worrying resurgence of an old problem. Never before has tension around the Anglophone issue been so acute. The mobilisation of lawyers, teachers and students which started in October 2016, has spiral into crisis which has for the past years put the government and separatist into a conflict trap.

Presently there has emerged arm violence where on daily basis separatist who have taken up arms are combating with regular Cameroon army. There is
school boycotts and sporadic violence with the civilian populations, mostly in rural areas, paying the highest price of this ugly arm conflict. They are victims of numerous atrocities such as assassination, theft, rape, abduction, extortion, etc. Gripped by the fear for their lives created by threats, intimidation, fake news, etc., many of them have sought refuge in neighbouring Nigeria or in other regions of Cameroon.

On daily basis images of villages been burnt down to ashes including killing and dismemberment of dead bodies are circulated on social media which needs good men to step in to stop this war for peace and security to take its course in the English speaking regions of Cameroon.
This petition is calling on every son and daughter of Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon including those who love peace and security to return to Cameroon to sign this petition so that we will present it to the parties in the conflict to stop and put down their smoking guns hence call for ceasefire. With ceasefire in place we are sure peace talks will certainly be initiate for a lasting solution to the crisis in Cameroon.
With smoking guns down, peace talks will take place so that -- Killing of of our youths (citizens) on both sides will stop- Businesses will operate normally- Kidnapping for ransom will stop- Children will be free to go to school- Farmers will be free to go about with their farming activities- Those who are sick will be able to access medical treatment in hospitals.- Refugees who are victims of the crisis will be free to return to their villages

Solutions to crisis in any country have never been achieved using the barrel of the gun. Cameroonians need to sit on the table and talk peace to forge a better livelihood for its people.

We the undersigned, call on the government of Cameroon and separatist fighters to put down their smoking guns and call for ceasefire for peace to reign in Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon. With ceasefire, peace talks should be initiated for a lasting solution to the crisis in Cameroon.

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