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The title says it all. I truly believe that the vast majority of ranked Conquest players would prefer to queue up with their friends, rather than play with random people. Now, there's nothing wrong with playing with a random in general. The real problem comes from the chance that said random may be, in safe terms, a jackass. They may refuse to join the party, spam the VGS, start sending messages to the rest of the team, quit part way through a match, etc. Now, as far as their skill level goes, I can deal with the fact that they may not be the greatest. I just want them to try. Not give up because they think the rest of the team is screwing them, or they think the enemy team is winning and don't want to work for a win. Now, I know the argument from Hi-Rez and some of the community is the fact that if they allow us to queue up with a full five person team, that team will vastly outclass a team of randoms. Well, I won't even try to argue against that point; the team of randoms would absolutely be at a disadvantage. However, isn't this the point of Smite? And the point of competitive game play? We 'should' be playing as a team. But I get it, if you're one of those people who enjoy the competitive aspect of Smite and have no friends to play with, you're likely against this idea I'm proposing. But please, stay with me a bit longer. As we all know, Xbox has a great setup for finding other gamers just like yourself: Xbox clubs and the ability to make LFG (looking for group) posts. There are literally thousands of Smite players out there looking to meet up with new people to play Smite with. Sure, most are probably casual players, but there's certainly no shortage of people looking to play competitive, ranked matches of Conquest. But that brings me back to the whole point of this petition: we do not have the ability to even queue up with a full team once we find a group of players we work well with. Honestly, I find it odd that we don't have the ability to play a competitive five person game, with more than two people. At least at one point, we were able to queue with three, but no more. Now, another argument may be: "If you wanna play competitive with a full team, why not play ranked Joust?" Well, that's a great idea, however, and I think we all know this: Joust is not the backbone of the competitive scene; Conquest is. So, I hope I've been able to convince you to support this petition and I thank you for taking the time to read this.

We, the SMITE gaming community, are hereby asking Hi-Rez Studios to allow us to queue up for ranked Conquest with groups of five. We understand that the developers have their reservations about doing this, but please consider for a moment that SMITE is a highly competitive game that relies heavily on team communication. And unfortunately a lot of the random people that queue for ranked Conquest by themselves are usually highly toxic to the team. There's nothing worse than when a single person manages to ruin an entire game. Either because they feel your team can't win and they give up, or they have no idea what they're doing and start spamming the VGS. I really do not care if someone is not the best at their role, but it's the lack of trying that really ruins the game experience for everyone else. We understand Hi-Rez does not want to exclude people who may not have friends to play SMITE with, but the fact that Xbox has SMITE clubs now and a LFG area to post in, we just don't feel that argument works anymore; people have plenty of ways to make friends for competitive play. Also, just recently (8/16/17), Hi-Rez allowed Paladin's community to have the option to queue up with a full five person team for competitive play, up until Diamond league. This is something that we feel Hi-Rez can easily do for the SMITE community. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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