Tim Staffell, Brian May, Roger Taylor
United Kingdom

Smile were an English rock band based in London, best known as the predecessor to renowned rock band Queen. The band was formed in 1968 by Brian May, who went on to become Queen's guitarist. It included Tim Staffell as lead singer and bass guitarist, and later, drummer Roger Taylor, who also went on to play for Queen. They recorded only six songs:
1 - "Earth" (Staffell)
2 - "Step on Me" (Staffell/May)
3 - "Doin' Alright" (Staffell/May)
4 - "Blag" (May)
5 - "Polar Bear" (May)
6 - "April Lady" (Lucas)
Smile disbanded in 1970. Had one-gig reunion in 1992.

The three Smile members are still musically active - Brian May and Roger Taylor - both solo and with Queen + Adam Lambert, and Tim Staffell recently returned to music, and plays with the band Big Steam.
Their reunion as SMILE will be something the "die-hard" Queen fans are dreaming about, so please sign this petition, and make this happen.

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