#Emergency Serivces
Walnut Creek, CCC Board of Supervisors

Please support this petition to introduce Smart911 service to Walnut Creek and Contra Costa County.

Smart911 helps save lives!

Create a secure safety information profile that is shared with 911 and first responders when they place an emergency call. It is a free service that provides important information about you or your family when you may not be able to do so.

Amber alert—missing child
With Smart911, the 911 operator can see a high quality photo of the missing child, issue an Amber Alert and forward the photo to field officers immediately after the call. A map of the child’s last known location is included.

Deaf Or Hard-Of-Hearing Caller
Over 40 million Americans have a hearing loss. For these people and anyone else who may have trouble communicating with a 911 dispatcher over the phone, Smart911 alerts the first responders to their special communication needs.

Confused Or Disabled Caller
With Smart911, the 911 dispatcher can view the medical profile of a confused or disabled caller. If an Alzheimer’s sufferer cannot remember his/her home address or an Asthma sufferer is unable to speak, the 911 center will still be able to effectively dispatch help.

Medical Emergency
The 911 dispatcher could have a list of medications you are taking. This information could impact the treatment of first responders.

If a person with autism dialed 911 the dispatcher would be able to see his/her name, photo, and current location on screen.

We, the undersigned, call on the officials of Walnut Creek and Contra Costa County to implement Smart911 public safety service in our city and county.

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