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Didn't you notice how in the past few years the trend for bigger smartphone screen didn't stop at all? At first we had 4.3 inch devices, 4.7", 5" and now we are raising it up to 6" devices with 18:9 screen ratio. Isn't that too much? Devices with 5.5" screens are started to be called "Mini" versions while in the real life they barely fit in the pocket. If we don't stop this trend who knows what size screen we are gonna have in a near future. I like the idea of "Bezzelless" screen device, however with the screen size of 6 inch the device itself becomes large and uncomfortable to hold with one hand.

I am seeking for all support on this petition to reach bigger smartphone companies and tell them that there are still a lot of consumers who wish to have a smaller device with better specifications. Wouldn't it be nice to have 5.3 - 5.5" device with 18:9 aspect ratio? it would be way easier to hold the phone and call it "Mobile", as newest smartphones are more like a tablet than a "Mobile Phone".

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