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The learners of the State of New York and the 21st Century economy of this state absolutely require funding for School Library Systems and school libraries at 2007-2008 appropriations levels, despite the current fiscal crisis.

In these challenging times, it is imperative for every learner to have EQUITY, ACCESS, and SUCCESS.

Empirical evidence demonstrates that School Library Systems and school libraries are essential for these and mastery of 21st skills, literacy development, creation of knowledge through inquiry, digital literacy.

We the undersigned petition the Governor and Legislature of the State of New York to fund School Library Systems at 2008 budget appropriations level despite fiscal crisis. Cuts to School Library Systems adversely affect every learner in New York.

With no other funding source and many years of flat funding, vital services cannot be sustained. Resource sharing, EQUITABLE access to quality information resources, cost savings on databases, and leadership in information literacy and mastery of 21st century skills are essential to our economy and the success of all learners.

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The SLSA Advocacy petition to NYS Government was written by Judy Marsh and is in the category Education at GoPetition.

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