Municipality of Sioux Lookout

A strong desire for a public pool has continued to be expressed by the public in Sioux Lookout and in the surrounding area. Please sign our petition to proactively address this concern with our local government.

This is your chance to be a part of a journey towards a more enjoyable and healthier future, right here at home!

Sioux Lookout Water Ways is also researching ways in which a pool might be feasible for our community. Thank you for your support.

Here are the top reasons of how a Public Pool would benefit our Community. (The following points have been either expressed by members of the Public or researched):

-Safety First: importance of danger prevention automatically prioritizes importance of a community pool over other recreation initiatives
-Our Community has Demonstrated an overwhelming amount of interest in Swimming: Ex. pool memberships, swimming lessons, triathalon, previous petitions
-Swimming has been proven in a recent study to increase lifespan (one ex: lower risk of death due to stroke & heart disease by 41%)
-Swimming Can Improve a Community’s Health: activity in which people of all ages & abilities benefit physically & phychologically
-Indoor Community Pools Boost Local Economy: Ex. people move to & are more likely to remain where there are more amenities, Sports Tourism Industry has proven economically valuable for small municipalities & has been greatly overlooked , but is being researched in SLKT right now!
-Best Western Hotel Pool is an Insufficient public pool for many reasons: privately owned, no Lifeguard, shallow, unpredictable public access (currently closed to public)
-Competitive Swimming is a Potential for Future Sport Development: Incl. National and International athletic potential & Interest which would grant more equal opportunity & exposure for our Region
-A Major compassionate step forward in Improving Sioux Lookout's Accessibility
-Strategic in Improving the Wellbeing of our First Nation Children and Families & their Communities, incl. very necessary Water safety Training
-Swimming is one of the top 5 most popular activities in the US and Canada (all-inclusive activity that anyone can learn)
-Advances made in Energy-Efficiency Technology to cut costs for Indoor Swimming pools
-Funding avenues may be available
-Potential for Employment and Training in exciting New Professions that also groom Young Leaders

We, the undersigned, call on the Municipality of Sioux Lookout to address public aspiration for a Community Pool, which is expressed by this petition.

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