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The Wasps Rugby club took over Coventry City Football club and one of the hurtful things they did, was the removal (stealing), of the CCFC badge from front of stadium. It was then replaced with The Wasps badge. ):

Wasps Rugby went in administration and The Wasps badge was removed leaving an ugly empty space at the heart of our beleoved stadium, for all fans to see.

There is no voice to get back our beloved badge at the front heart of the stadium, it is not just a badge it is the soul of our stadium.

With new ownerhsip (Doug King) this is such as positive and exciting new start for Coventry City Football club, it is ideal time to get our badge back up proudly at the front location of our beloved football stadium so we can take ownership of our beloved CCFC souls, for ALL Cov City fans and generations of families to come.

We the Sky Blue Fans of Coventry city football club, call on Doug King our wonderful new owner and Frasers Groups, owners of the CBS Arena, to re-install our CCFC badge to the stadiums front location, so we the fans can feel proud and secure, this will always be our true Sky Blue home, PUSB

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