Unity Town Council

Unity deserves to have a skate park. A place for teenagers to hang out and have fun. Every kid has a bike or skateboard but no where to ride. Unity's roads are terrible and they aren't getting fixed anytime soon.

There are many empty lots or spaces to put a skate park. It wouldn't cost a lot of money and it would be well worth it for how many people would want to go there. They have a dirt track but people keep trying to fix it and they just make it worse.

No one goes to the BMX track because it is hidden between the baseball diamonds and surrounded by grass. A skate park wouldn't have to be very big either just big enough for us to have fun.

I think Unity should have a skate park. Many people want one in Unity but no one has stood up and told people about it. There is room for one in Unity and many people that would use it.

A skate park would keep children from biking where people don't want them biking. The cost would be low to build one and people would be willing to fundraise to get one.

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