Hamilton township
United States of America

Feb 03, 2006

This petition is for us skateboarders who don't have a place to skate. If you live in the Hamilton meadows then you have nowhere to skate.

I have been taken home by the cops for skating in the streets when i was doing nothing wrong and recently 9 of my friends got tickets for skating in the streets. The cops told us to go skate at the local schools so we started skating at the schools and the schools got upset for no reason.

We werent destroying any property or breaking any laws and they banned us from skateboarding on school property one of my friends got a dayy of iss for getting caught skating on school property when it was asfter hours and school was out.

The reason you need to sign this is because this is not only happening in Ohio this is happening allover the U.S. and I think that since the authority dont want us to skate in the streets that they should provide us with a local place to skate as they should with all areas that dont have skate parks.

There are over 12 million skateboarders world wide who actively participate in skateboarding. We want to skate.

We, the undersigend, want Hamilton Township to build a skate park. This will keep youth off the streets and off school property. A skatepark is win win for everyone.

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