Larry Miller, CEO of Sit 'n Sleep
United States of America

Ever since the Sit 'n Sleep commercials hit our TV sets in Southern California, we seem to feel it deserves its own spin-off series.

People believe this to be a good idea for a series of Larry and his accountant Irwin Zigmond titled "Larry & Irwin", in which the two go on adventures and learn about different types of mattresses. There should be an animated dust mite (from the older commercials) named Dusty, voiced by Cheech Marin.

Dear Larry Miller, CEO of Sit 'n Sleep,

Many of your customers would like to know if you have ever considered making a TV show based on your commercials.

The Sit 'n Sleep commercials are extremely underrated and not that known. Larry and Irwin are such a classic act that is never forgotten today, it would be interesting to see a show based on them.

We hope you will take this into consideration. If you can make Sit 'n Sleep happen, you can make a TV show happen.


Sit 'n Sleep Family

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