#Consumer Affairs
Councillor Mark Smith (Ampthill Town Council)
United Kingdom

NatWest Bank has announced the closure of their branch in Ampthill from 13th June 2017.

The Bank is the only one in our town and serves 7000 Ampthill residents and also those in surrounding villages.

Ampthill Town Council has learnt that Nationwide reacted to a similar case in Glastonbury, Somerset by setting up a branch in the town, after the community showed their support for the idea in huge numbers. So please sign this petition to show your support, so we can demonstrate to Nationwide that setting a branch in Ampthill would be most welcome.

A representative of Nationwide has stated ''As the last bank is closing in Ampthill if the team at Nationwide headquarters get enough requests come through this may be something we can potentially do for Ampthill'

Nationwide can be contacted at customer.services@nationwide.co.uk with your emails of support for the idea.

We, the undersigned, encourage Nationwide Building Society to set up a new branch in Ampthill to fill the gap brought about by the closure of the only bank in the Town, namely Nat West. on 13th June 2017

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