At the end of December 2014 the App Soundrop on Spotify shall stop. This is a shame because a lot off people all over the world communcate with each other sharing music, and chat, and learn from each other styles of music.

It's such a shame that this shall stop,because music is the Universal language. There are all different kinds of rooms with music, like Reggae, Rock, House, Metal, etc,etc.

Please don't take the chance away to comunnicate with people all over the world having the same interest of music, and thefun chatting and sharing with them.

Please sign. Together we are strong, together we are Soundrop.

Spotify don't let Soundrop go away, let it stay!

Don't let the App Soundrop on Spotify go.

Let it stay!

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The Sign No, Don't let Soundrop on Spotify go! petition to Spotify was written by Yabbi van den Kieboom and is in the category Music at GoPetition.

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