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City and Town planning also Neighbor Code Enforcement
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Since Being a part of the neighborhood for the past 17 years, Three Rivers Baptist Church and the residents of the C. H. Piepenbrink Addition have been witnesses of 1-3 accidents per year on this particular corner. (Many of the accidents are drive offs), Just Friday night, as we were sitting in our livinroom heard a collision. Believing that our car had been struck, we went outside to access the damage, we realized that the automobiles that crashed fled the scene. The cause of this problem is the amount of cars driving at high speed down Lumbard St.
We desperately need a 4 way stop at the corners of Lumbard and Pennsylvania Streets. One day someone is going to be seriously injured and we fear it might just be one of our children or grandchildren, or a dear pet that we have had for years. Please help to add to the safety of our neighborhood and it’s children. If you don’t have any children then sign this petition for your properties.
*Special Note: At 1::24 p.m. As I was creating this online petition there was an accident on that very corner. I don’t know why it happened, it just did. That makes the second accident in one week. How many more will happen before this petition gets granted? How many people will be injured ? Time Will Tell!

We, the families of the C. H. Piepenbrink neighborhood, call upon the people of Fort Wayne City and Town planning and also Neighborhood code enforcement to evaluate the needs of C. H. Piepenbrink neighborhood. We call upon you to make our neighbor safe, our roads drivable and to place speed limits and stop signs where necessary ESP. On the corner of Lumbard and Pennsylvania Strenets, to prevent further accidents and keep our homes and families . May I suggest temporary cameras to evaluate the traffic situation.


C.H. Piepenbrink Neighborhood

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