#Law & Order
Surrey County Council
United Kingdom

I believe that a call for metal detectors is not sufficient.

The club, its management and its security all need to be held more accountable for their actions.

This is not an isolated instance of the security at The Works being negligent. This particular incident has come to light because this poor young man died. But how many other incidents have there been where people have been seriously injured or emotionally distraught because of events that were inappropriately handled by the inadequate security, or indeed caused by the security with their inability to make smart, moral decisions in the interest of the public they are serving.

The man stabbed inside The Works was removed from the club and thrown into the street. It has been suggested this is because the bouncers thought he was drunk.

The more probable reason – that they wanted the incident to be classed as taking place outside the club thus excluding themselves from the responsibility and possible consequences.

I call for the opinion of the local public to be taken into account when reviewing The Works' license. The owners have had plenty of opportunity over the past few years to address this problem which has progressively worsened and now they must face the consequences.

We, the undersigned, call upon Surrey County Council to close down the The Works Nightclub and revoke its license.

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