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Joe Watson President and CEO
United States of America

Today my boyfriend and i decided to go to PetLand in monroeville PA and i honestly have no words to describe how i felt. I wanted to literally burst into tears seeing those poor puppies in the small changes with probably 4-5 other puppies. The floors of the cages were literally nothing but holes.. some of the dogs couldn’t even stand up or their feet were getting stuck in the holes. Let me just say that underneath was their pee and poop. Some of the dogs that were in cages together didn’t get along and were scared of each other. I could 100% tell that some were drugged with something with how tired they looked.. then others were so hyper. Some of the dogs would get fed and not even touch their food bc they were so tired and sluggish. I could hear puppies in the back crying VERY VERY loud for what reason i have no idea but dogs don’t just cry for no reason. The one that gets me the most is that one dog went to the bathroom then all of the other dogs in the cage started eating it’s poop. HOW IN THE WORLD DO THE WORKERS THERE THINK THATS NORMAL?! Idc what anyone says that place needs shut down and if you support that place you should most definitely be ashamed of that.

I am never the type to ask the people around me for help but i am begging anybody who loves animals, please help me do something about this inhumane place. Please help me get this place shut down world wide for animal cruelty.

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